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Non Puncture Tyre Australia introduces their Tannus product range, a tyre that never goes flat so that all cyclists can enjoy safer rides.
We strive for technological development to relieve any inconvenience related to tyre punctures.

Due to cutting edge polymer technology, our tyres never go flat and they come in adiverse range of colours. It is distinctly different from any of the anti-puncture tyres of the past and is secured with great driving function, comfort, lightness, safety and durability. The various colors are another result of the use of the advanced materials, and you are able to enjoy the choice of colors that is in contrast with the existing unclear colors of rubber tires.

The goal of Tannus TIRE is to make changes to the world from a small aspect. In order to do this we are continuously challenging for technological innovation with great passion, and are moving ahead step by step. We believe that when small changes of the world gather as one, there would be significant progresses to the whole humanity and the environment we live in.

Your encouragement and support for our small dream give limitless power to us. We promise to try our best to return to all of you by accepting your advices and ideas in creating our products.

Your thinking becomes Tannus TIRE’s dream.

Thank you.