Armour and Aither 1.1
Armour eliminates 90% of all punctures


1. Puncture Protection
Armour eliminates 90% of all punctures due to its reinforced sidewall and underside protection
2. Fast Rolling
Engineered to minimise rolling-resistance (drag), Tannus Armour provides the ultimate balance of speed and protection
3. Incresased Comfort
Armour absorbs vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable ride
4. Easy Installation
Installing the Armour is as quick as easy as installing a regular tire and is maintenance free

No Flat Tyre-AITHER 1.1

1. No Tube, No Puncture
As there is no air in a Tannus tyre, there is no chance of a puncture. Tannus tyres do not have an inner tube. It is a tyre using the latest technology made from a compound of polymer.
2. Featherlight
The featherlight weight of the Tannus tyre breaks the stereotype of solid tyres.
3. Colour Matching
Change your tyres with the diverse colour of Tannus tyres. You can express your uniqueness with a mixed colour combination of the front and rear wheels.
4. Use your existing rim
If you have the existing clincher type rim, a Tannus tyre can be retrofitted right away regardless of its size. Due to our development of the Locking Pin System, you can use Tannus tyres on your bicycle easily and safely.

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